, Volume 49, Issue 8, pp 711-713

Circadian rhythmicity is involved in photoperiodic time measurement in the aphidMegoura viciae

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The photoperiodic clock in the vetch aphidMegoura viciae is generally accepted to be based on a non-circadian mechanism or “hourglass”, as no evidence has been found for the involvement of the circadian system in the photoperiodic response. By using a recently-devised protocol which discriminates between single and repeated night length measurement, we demonstrate here that long-night measurement inMegoura is executed in a repetitive way, and thus that its photoperiodic clock is based on a circadian oscillator after all. However, it is also apparent that the determination of short nights is not repetitive.

Dedicated to our dear friend, the late Professor A. D. (tony) Lees who, sadly, died before we had a chance to discuss the data reported here.