Research in Experimental Medicine

, Volume 181, Issue 2, pp 113–123

Influence of dietary purines on pool size, turnover, and excretion of uric acid during balance conditions

Isotope Studies Using15N-Uric Acid


  • W. Löffler
    • Medizinische PoliklinikUniversität München
  • W. Gröbner
    • Medizinische PoliklinikUniversität München
  • R. Medina
    • Lehrstuhl für allgemeine Chemie und BiochemieTechnischen Universität München
  • N. Zöllner
    • Medizinische PoliklinikUniversität München
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DOI: 10.1007/BF01852188

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Löffler, W., Gröbner, W., Medina, R. et al. Res. Exp. Med. (1982) 181: 113. doi:10.1007/BF01852188


Pool size, turnover, and excretion of uric acid were investigated in three normal subjects both during purine-free, isoenergetic liquid formula diet and during additional purine administration by use of isotope dilution techniques. The fractional turnover of the uric acid pool was increased during dietary purine administration suggesting an increased total body uric acid clearance as a result of the increase in renal clearance. Fractional turnover increased more in the female subject than in males, while pool size was increased less. It can be calculated from the results obtained that endogenous uric acid synthesis is not inhibited by dietary purines.

Key words

Uric acid, pool size, turnover, excretionDietary purinesIsotope dilution

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