, Volume 103, Issue 2, pp 81-91

Zonation of metabolism and gene expression in liver

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The zonation of gene expression resulting in the different cellular equipment of liver cells with enzymes, translocators and subcellular structures is regulated mainly at a pretranslational level. In the dynamic zonation of carbohydrate metabolizing enzymes, gradients in oxygen and in the glucagon/insulin ratio decreasing from the periportal to the perivenous area appear to be major effectors. In the stable zonation of ammonia-metabolizing enzymes local paracrine cell-cell interactions via diffusible mediators could play a major role (Fig. 6).

This paper was presented at the symposium “Metabolic Zonation of the Liver: New Answers to Old Questions”, held in honour of Prof. Dr. D. Sasse's 60th birthday, 26 August 1994, in Basel