, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 167-186

Packet routing and job-shop scheduling inO(congestion+dilation) steps

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In this paper, we prove that there exists a schedule for routing any set of packets with edge-simple paths, on any network, inO(c+d) steps, wherec is the congestion of the paths in the network, andd is the length of the longest path. The result has applications to packet routing in parallel machines, network emulations, and job-shop scheduling.

This research was conducted while the authors were at MIT. Support was provided by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency under Contract N00014-87-K-825, the Office of Naval Research under Contract N00014-86-K-0593, the Air Force under Contract OSR-86-0076, and the Army under Contract DAAL-03-86-K-0171. Tom Leighton is supported by an NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award with matching funds provided by IBM.