, Volume 31, Issue 2, pp 214-220

Arenobufagin and gamabufotalin from the venom of the Central Asian green toadBufo viridis . Introduction, structural—functional features

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Two bufodienolides have been isolated in the individual form from the Central Asian green toadBufo viridis for the first time. It has been established by1H NMR, mass spectrometry, and x-ray structural analysis that these compounds are gamabufotalin (3β, 11α, 14-trihydroxy-5β, 14ß-bufa-20,22-dienolide) and a crystalline modification of arenobufagin (3β, 11α, 14-trihydroxy-12-oxo-5β, 14β-bufa-20,22-dienolide). The biological activity of Bakagin — the total bufadienolides of the venom ofB. viridis, consisting predominantly of the compounds named — has been studied. The promising nature of a further study of Bakagin as a cardiotonic drug has been shown.