, Volume 27, Issue 18, pp 5015-5026

Thermal expansion of phenolic resin and phenolic-fibre composites

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A large number of thermal expansion measurements in the temperature range 20 to 300‡C are presented for the Monsanto phenolic resin SC-1008 as a function of heating rate, position in cured block, curing treatment and repeated heating cycles. Thermal expansion measurements in those directions where the resin dominates are also reported up to 400‡C for composite systems consisting of the phenolic resin reinforced with ∼60% (volume fraction) of either continuous unidirectional silica or bidirectional carbon (rayon precursor) fibres. The large variation in thermal expansion measurements is used to show that current curing treatments for the materials do not yield a resin with predictable expansion response. Annealing at a higher temperature (>200 ‡C) than the maximum used in the curing treatments is shown to stabilize the phenolic resin SC-1008. Then, the mean linear coefficient of thermal expansion for the pure resin up to 100 ‡C is within the range (55±5)×10−6‡C−1.