, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 154-157

Ruthenium complexes with diazadienes. Part II Syntheses and N.m.r. spectroscopic characterization of [Ru(bipy)2 (diazadiene)]2+ complexes

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Thermal substitution of chloride in Ru(bipy)2Cl2 · 2H2O with diazadienes (dad) R′N=CR-CR=NR′ yields the mixed [(bipy)2Ru(dad)]2+ complexes, which are analogous to the [Ru(bipy)3]22+ cation. Full n.m.r. assignments are given for several complexes; conformational rigidity is displayed by dad-attached phenyl groups in one of them. The u.v. spectra, which show dad-dependent first c.t.-absorption bands, are compared to that of [Ru(bipy)3]2+.