, Volume 66, Issue 4, pp 351-355

Podospora Lautarea sp. nov. from Southern Alps (France): description and physiological properties

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A taxonomic description ofPodospora Lautarea sp. nov. is provided. This species is characterized by a reddish brown peridium, and by its large, asymmetric ascospores, small, hyaline, unique primary appendage, absence of secondary appendage and cylindrical asci. Due to the size of its appendage, this species may be related toPodospora minicauda Faurel et Locquin-Linard. Asci and ascospores are close to those ofP. fimbriata (Bayer) Cain, but the dimensions and ornamentation of perithecia are quite different. To summarize, this species belongs to the small group ofPodospora exhibiting only one appendage (such asP. minicauda, P. carpinicola Mouchacca orP. horridula (Sacc.) Francis and Sparrow) but can not be assimilated to one of the described species in this group. The main cultural characteristics and physiological properties of this species are described.