, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp 249-258

The conditions of the Southern Sudanese Women Migrants in Abu Siid Shanty Town, Omdurman, Sudan — A Case Study of Cultural Change

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The author analyzes the changing conditions to which S Sudanese women have been subjected after their forced migration the war-ridden South to Khartoum. There, too, they are suffering from hunger, homelessness, lack of a basic needs. Being obliged to house and work illegally these women find themselves considered criminals by both the State and many of the so-called “Arabs”. Serious identity change is involved in the process of adaptationof these rural people to the hostile urban environment.

This paper contains preliminary results of a field study conducted by the author in April 1989 within the framework of the research programme “Identity in Africa” of the German Research Society under the coordination of Helmut Ruppert and the author. Both, as well as Abdel Hamid Bakhit and Ismail Al Fihail have participated in this research on the migration of the Southerners to Khartoum.