, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp 317-321

The mechanism of manganese electrodeposition

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The mechanism of manganese electrodeposition from a sulphate bath on to a stainless-steel substrate has been studied by using current efficiency data to resolve the totali-E curves. A simple, two-step electron transfer mechanism:

$${\text{Mn}}^{{\text{ + + }}} + {\text{e}}\xrightarrow{{{\text{r}}{\text{.d}}{\text{.s}}}}{\text{Mn}}^{\text{ + }} $$
$${\text{Mn}}^{\text{ + }} + {\text{e}} \to {\text{Mn}}$$
is proposed to explain the following experimentally obtained parameters: cathodic and anodic transfer coefficients, reaction order and stoichiometric number. The mechanism also explains the effect of pH oni o,Mn and on the corrosion currents.