, Volume 25, Issue 6, pp 528-532

Methanol electrooxidation on carbon-supported Pt-WO3−x electrodes in sulphuric acid electrolyte

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Electrooxidation of methanol has been studied in sulphuric acid electrolyte at 60°C on carbon-supported Pt-WO3−x electrodes employing varying amounts of WO3−x . It is found that the electrodes containing (3:1) Pt-WO3−x composite catalyst exhibit a higher catalytic activity towards methanol electrooxidation than platinized carbon electrodes without WO3−x . In the light of the XPS and XRD data on the carbon-supported (3:1) Pt-WO x sample, it is speculated that the WO x is present in the form of an oxyhydroxide, which can promote surface oxy-species on platinum by proton transfer.