, Volume 91, Issue 5, pp 431-435

Immunohistochemical investigation of locust neuroparsin-like substances in several insects, in some other invertebrates, and vertebrates

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Anti-neuroparsin serum was immunohistochemically tested on brain and/or neurohemal organ from 40 insect species belonging to 13 orders, and from 8 non-insect invertebrate and 5 vertebrate representatives using the peroxidase-antiperoxidase procedure. In insects, immunostaining of only the A1 type of the protocerebral median neurosecretory cells was revealed in all species tested of Odonata. Dictyoptera, Isoptera and Orthoptera and in 2 species from the 9 other orders out of 13 orders tested. No immunostaining was detected in vertebrate and non-insect invertebrate species except in 2 annelid species out of 4 tested. The distribution of neuroparsin-like products in Coelomata appears to be restricted mainly to 4 phylogenetically close insect orders.