Applied Scientific Research

, Volume 28, Issue 1, pp 261-277

First online:

Effect of inclination on laminar film condensation

  • H. R. NagendraAffiliated withDept. of Mech. Engineering, Indian Institute of Science

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The effect of inclination on laminar film condensation over and under isothermal flat plates is investigated analytically. The complete set of Navier Stokes equations in two dimensions is considered. Analysed as a perturbation problem, the zero-order perturbation represents the boundary layer equations. First and second order perturbations are solved to bring about the leading edge effects. Corresponding velocity and temperature profiles are presented. The results show decrease in heat transfer with larger ∥inclinations∥ from the vertical. Comparison with experimental data of Gerstmann and Griffith indicates a closer agreement of the present results than the analytical results of the same authors.