, Volume 283, Issue 8, pp 506-511

UVA irradiation induces collagenase in human dermal fibroblasts in vitro and in vivo

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We report the effect of UVA irradiation on collagen metabolism of fibroblasts, including both synthesis of the collagen degrading enzyme collagenase and de novo synthesis of type I collagen as the major structural component of the dermis. For this purpose confluent fibroblast monolayers were irradiated under standardized conditions (5, 15, 35, 60 J/cm2 using UVASUN 3000, Mutzhas, Munich, FRG, and UV source Sellas sunlight type 2.001, Sellas, Gevelsberg, FRG). Subsequently, total RNA was isolated and subjected to dot blot and northern blot analysis using oligolabelled cDNA clones for human type I collagen, collagenase and Β-actin. Collagen type I and Β-actin mRNA levels remained unaltered following irradiation, suggesting that the synthetic pathway of collagen metabolism at the pretranslational level is not affected by short-term UVA irradiation. However, collagenase mRNA was found to be dose-dependently induced in fibroblasts after irradiation, thus probably contributing to the actinic damage to the dermis. These in vitro data were confirmed in vivo using in situ hybridization on frozen sections of biopsy material obtained from UVA irradiated patients.