, Volume 30, Issue 21, pp 5554-5560

Synthesis and characterization of Al2O3 catalyst carriers by sol-gel

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The sol-gel method has been used to synthesize alumina powder with high surface area from boehmite. The characteristics of the final powder product have been systematically studied in light of the preparation method and starting materials by fractional factorial design. The results show that the type of precursor and pH of the precursor sol are the most important parameters for the textural properties of the calcined alumina powder. When the calcination temperature is increased the type of precursor loses its significance, while the pH still has decisive importance after calcination at 1000°C, on pore volume and surface area. There is also a significant combined effect of several parameters on the surface area and the pore volume. The electrophoretic mobility, agglomerate size and size distribution have been determined as a function of the pH for one type of boehmite sol. The relation between characteristics of the precursor and powder properties is clearly emphasized.