, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 565-604

Partial and multiple Wh-movement

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This paper deals with two types of Wh-constructions that occur in German and Romani: partial and multiple Wh-movement. In these constructions a Wh-phrase moves to the specifier of a CP that is lower than the CP over which the Wh-phrase takes scope. In partial Wh-movement, the scope position contains a scope-marker, and in multiple Wh-movement, the scope position contains another Wh-phrase. Both constructions are restricted by a Subjacency-like constraint. It is argued that the data can be accounted for by considering Subjacency to be a condition on representation. In addition, it is claimed that Absorption applies at S-structure, as well as LF, in these languages, whereas in languages like English, it applies only at LF. The possibility of S-structure Absorption unifies partial and multiple Wh-movement and accounts for their existence in a language.

I am grateful to Helen Cairns, Robert Fiengo, Janet Fodor, D. Terence Langendoen, Howard Lasnik, Carme Picallo, and anonymous NLLT reviewers for helpful comments and discussion. I also thank my informants, especially Hans Joachim and Marianne Althaus, Ràmiz Emin, Sonja McDaniel, and Dùda Raśìti.