Pharmacoepidemiology and Prescription

European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

, Volume 47, Issue 6, pp 477-481

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Patient compliance and therapeutic coverage: comparison of amlodipine and slow release nifedipine in the treatment of hypertension

  • J. -M. DetryAffiliated withDivision of Cardiology, University of Louvain, St. Luc University Hospital
  • , P. BlockAffiliated withDivision of Cardiology, Universiteit Brussel, A.Z.-V.U.B., University Hospital
  • , G. De BackerAffiliated withCardiac Revalidation and Social Medicine, Universiteit Gent
  • , J. -P. DegauteAffiliated withHypertension Clinic, Hôpital Erasme, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • , R. SixAffiliated withInternal Medicine, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, A.Z.-V.U.B.
  • , The Belgian Collaborative Study Group

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To study patient compliance in hypertensive outpatients amlodipine (5 mg once daily) and slow release nifedipine (20 mg twice daily) were compared in an open, crossover study in general practices.

Four methods of assessment for patient compliance (pill count, taking compliance, days with correct dosing, timing compliance) were used in both study arms. For the latter three assessment a special device, the medication event monitoring system, was used to record the time and date of each opening and closure of the container.

The compliance of the 320 hypertensive patients with once-daily amlodipine was markedly superior to twice-daily slow release nifedipine. Therapeutic coverage was also significantly better for amlodipine in the hypertensive patients. Amlodipine was better tolerated than nifedipine slow release.

Patient compliance and therapeutic coverage with the calcium antagonist amlodipine given once daily was superior to slow release nifedipine b. d. in hypertensive outpatients recruited in general practice.

Statistical Unit: Léon Kaufmann, Marie-Paule Derde, Data Investigation Company Europe, Brussels

Participating Investigators: D. Abbate, G. Armand, C.I. Authelet, J.L. Badot, J. Baeck, P. Baeck, P. Bastin, C.I. Bernard, P. Bernard, B. Beyssens, J. Bosly, P. Boudart, J. Bourdeaudhuy, W. Callens, L. Carolides, Y. Catry, E. Cerstelotte, F. Charlier, H. Charloteaux, J.M. Chaudron, L. Christiaen, G. Cornette, P. Cranskens, R. Creteur, N. De Cock, M. De Corte, A. De Vos, P. Defrance, P. Delhaye, G. Deneckere, M. Dobbeleir, A. Dufour, P. Dumont, L. D'Haen, H. D'Haenens, P. Eloy, P. Evrard, C. Fellemans, G. Geeraerts, L. Gielen, D. Grand, J. Grosjean, J. Guffens, R. Guillaume, R. Hacquaert, V. Hamoir, W. Hens, M. Hondeghem, M.C. Humblet-Koch, L. Leven, W. Janssens, L. Jeanfils, J. Jodogne, B. Jortay, W. Ketels, J.M. Krzesinski, E. Langendries, J. Lannoy, M. Leeman, J. Leire, P. Lempereur, L. Lenaerts, F. Lustman, R. Martens, Y. Maus, M. Meroueh, J.P. Meurant, P. Meurant, A. Michiels, E. Mievis, H. Moors, K. Naesens, P. Neels, J. Neven, W. Odeurs, W. Pardon, M. Peduzzi, J. Piette, D. Plessers, P. Putzeys, A. Quoidbach, A. Renaerts, G. Rits, M. Ruhwiedel, M. Salavracos, M. Seret, P. Sibille, M. Taziaux, J. Teucq, H. Therasse, F. Tihon, F. Vandenput, J. Van Elsen, J.P. Van Liefferinge, J. Van Neck, M. Van Pelt, T. Van Vlaenderen, G. Vandenbeylaardt, M. Vandewoude, F. Veldeman, D. Ven, F. Verbruggen, A. Vlaeminck, P. Werion, J. Westerlinck.

Key words

Amlodipine Nifedipine Compliance slow release formulation hypertension therapeutic coverage