, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 61-79

Severe summer ice in Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay following major volcanic eruptions, 1751 to 1889 A.D.

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Indices of summer sea ice severity in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries have been reconstructed from sailing ships' log-books. The ice record for Hudson Strait extends from 1751 to 1889. Ice records are available for two parts of Hudson Bay and these extend from 1751 to 1870. The three records were derived from the same sources but the method of derivation applied in the bay was different to that applied in the strait. The years having the five largest ice indices in each of these records were identified. Also identified were the years in which major volcanic eruptions occurred between 1751 and 1889. The number of concurrences between the years with severe ice in Hudson Strait and the years with major eruptions was significant at the 99.5% level. In the western part of Hudson Bay this significance level was 95%. The years with severe ice in eastern Hudson Bay did not concur with major eruptions.