, Volume 37, Issue 6, pp 593-599
Date: 01 May 2014

Italian consensus for the classification and reporting of thyroid cytology

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Thyroid nodules are diagnosed with increasing frequency in clinical practice. The first step in the management of patients presenting with thyroid nodules is an accurate triage of those who should be referred to surgery [15]. In spite of the advances in ultrasound (US) imaging [68] and the promising results of molecular analysis [916], this basic step still strongly relies on cytology [3]. Among the acronyms used to indicate the sampling technique for thyroid cytology (FNA, FNAB, FNAC, FNC), fine-needle aspiration (FNA) is the most frequently adopted and it will be employed in this document. When the cytologic specimen is obtained without aspiration the term FNC (fine-needle cytology) may be used [2].

In the recent years, a variety of four- to six-tiered reporting schemes for thyroid cytology have been proposed by different societies and institutions, with the aim of improving the communication between cytopathologists and clinicians [17].

With the aim to standardize the d

All authors contributed equally to this work.