, Volume 38, Issue 3, pp 303-304
Date: 25 Mar 2014

Opportunities and Challenges: Residents’ Perspectives on the Next Accreditation System in Psychiatry

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The unfolding of the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)’s Next Accreditation System (NAS) and its corresponding Milestones introduce new data elements into resident evaluation. In theory, these new regulations should be welcomed and freeing for programs and trainees alike. The switch to a self-study model will reduce site visits and may relieve the associated cycles of panic. Standardized evaluations across programs should allow us to more directly compare graduates of different residencies. The grand vision is that these comparative data will act in a virtuous cycle, encouraging programs and individual trainees to try harder and innovate more [1]. NAS is intended as a step towards the utopia of “value-based health care” that was taught to us in medical school, but of which we have seen far too little on the wards [2].

That perspective has much to recommend it. First, although the Milestones were developed by committee and contain much that is subjective, they a ...