, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 41-45

Incidence and prevention of traumatic injuries in paediatric handball players in Istanbul, Turkey

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To investigate the frequency of dental injuries in paediatric handball players. In addition, the players’ habits with regard to mouthguard usage, as well as their general knowledge of the prevention of traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) were investigated. Data were collected by structured one-to-one interviews with children of 14 randomly selected handball teams in the amateur national league.


The questionnaire consisted of 15 questions. The age, gender, trauma experience and league status of each interviewee was recorded. The interviews took place mainly at national championships or tournaments.


A total of 212 individuals, 74 girls and 138 boys, were interviewed. Forty-one of the 212 participants (19.3 %) had sustained a dental injury. The mean age of participants was 12 ± 1.6 years. Concussion was the most frequent finding and the cause of injury was a blow from another player. The number of individuals that were aware of mouthguards was only 15.6 % and surprisingly no players used mouthguards.


The results show that handball players need more knowledge and education considering the prevention of TDIs from their sports clubs and dentists. The importance of adequate facial protection in contact sports should be endorsed by all sports clubs, and parents advised accordingly.