, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp 95-107
Date: 10 Nov 2012

Corporate Governance Quality: Vietnam Needs to Implement Economics, Business and Geopolitics University Courses


To assess corporate governance quality is the need of most board directors and other stakeholders, since such assessment is good foundation for next improvement plans. In an effort to meet such demand, this article will introduce 2011-assessment of corporate governance quality of companies listed in Hanoi stock exchange (HNX) based on Gov-score criteria. The findings from a two-step survey show that corporate governance quality of HNX companies is at medium level (25.73/51), only meets minimum requirements by current legal provisions. To raise the corporate governance quality, the author suggests two solutions. The first is to consider framework improvement the leverage for enhancing corporate governance quality at company level, and the second is to promote corporate governance education for all related groups. The second solution will be most effective if it is targeted at business undergraduate students to enable them understand why corporate governance right from their career start, so we suggest to incorporate the subject as an important course for business undergraduate students in their final school year.