, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp 67-74
Date: 30 Oct 2012

Efficient operating system switching using mode bit and hibernation mechanism


With the recent developments, Technology is making one independent and providing various options and varieties. As multiple options are provided, there arises a need of working in different computing environments. Though Virtualization is available but the efficient way for the process execution is not achieved as there is a limit to number of OS. In this paper, we are designing a mechanism to improve the existing multi-OS system for switching to different computing environments. To accomplish this task, we are using a register (R/W) that uses mode bit (binary values) for mapping (in boot configuration file) of different OS environments. The user is providing a choice for OS selection in GUI of the running environment via some specific software which in turn sets the mode bit value. Then it hibernates the current system and context data that is necessary to resume is saved preferably to non-volatile storage. Further, it restarts (RESET mechanism) and corresponding to mode bit value; other environment is loaded from its previous state. Data integrity is maintained between computing environments such that data from current mode cannot contaminate data in the next computing mode. Overall, these improvements will reduce time required for swapping of OS in multi-environment systems and also retains data by saving the current state. In addition, this mechanism frees user from waiting for graphical interaction for OS selection.