, Volume 113, Issue 4, pp 523-525
Date: 16 Nov 2012

A cortical cystic epileptogenic lesion: tanycytic ependymoma

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Ependymomas are neuroepithelial tumors usually found in the fourth ventricle, spinal cord and filum terminale, with higher incidence in children and young adults and two main histological types (classic cellular and myxopapillary). Tanycytic ependymoma is a rare variant with cystic appearance, occasionally found outside the ventricular system and usually presenting with seizures. Histopathological analysis is essential to make differential diagnosis with DNETs, astrocytomas and brain abscess, since treatment of choice is surgery followed by radiation for anaplastic variants, with favourable prognosis, low recurrence rate and seizures control.

Case report

A 14-year-old left-handed male patient presented with simple partial clonic seizures in left upper limb evolving to generalized, triggered by light stimulus and managed with Diazepam i.v. Neurological examination on admission was unaffected. Basal EEG showed bilateral asymmetric alpha rhythm waves, better organized on the lef ...