, Volume 112, Issue 2, pp 119-131,
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Recommendations for the treatment of epilepsy in adult patients in general practice in Belgium: an update


In 2008, a group of Belgian epilepsy experts published recommendations for antiepileptic drug (AED) treatment of epilepsies in adults and children. Selection of compounds was based on the registration and reimbursement status in Belgium, the level of evidence for efficacy, common daily practice and the personal views and experiences of the authors. In November 2011 the validity of these recommendations was reviewed by the same group of Belgian epilepsy experts who contributed to the preparation of the original paper. The recommendations made in 2008 for initial monotherapy in paediatric patients were still considered to be valid, except for the first choice treatment for childhood absence epilepsy. This update therefore focuses on the treatment recommendations for initial monotherapy and add-on treatment in adult patients. Several other relevant aspects of treatment with AEDs are addressed, including considerations for optimal combination of AEDs (rational polytherapy), pharmacokinetic properties, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic interaction profile, adverse effects, comorbidity, treatment of elderly patients, AED treatment during pregnancy, and generic substitution of AEDs.

The authors have been listed alphabetically. P. Boon chaired the epilepsy expert group; furthermore, authors have made equal contributions to this article. This paper has been prepared under the auspices of the Belgian League against Epilepsy.
Translation of these recommendations into clinical practice and the choice of any AED in an individual patient is the sole responsibility of the treating physician. The authors of this article do not assume any responsibility in this respect.