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Date: 14 Nov 2012


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Dear Reader of Biointerphases,

Volume 7 is completed, and it is the first volume of Biointerphases published by SpringerOpen. The printed version contains the papers from the “In Focus” issues “Nanomedicine” and “Future of Biosensors”, and several contributions which demonstrate the continuous progress being made to quantitatively understand the phenomena we encounter in our laboratories, such as the complex interphase between cells and artificial surfaces. The “Nanomedicine” In Focus issue, edited by Benjamin Thierry and Marcus Textor, contains 15 articles covering the present research in the field. In their editorial “Nanomedicine In Focus: opportunities and challenges ahead” (Biointerphases, 2012, Volume 7, Numbers 14, 19) Benjamin Thierry and Marcus Textor summarize the present state-of-the art and give an outlook on the development in the field.

The “Future of Biosensors” In Focus issue contains five contributions. In the paper by Schirwitz et al., “Sensing immune responses with cu ...