Date: 11 Nov 2012

Searching for images by video


Image retrieval based on the query-by-example (QBE) principle is still not reliable enough, largely because of the likely variations in the capture conditions (e.g. light, blur, scale, occlusion) and viewpoint between the query image and the images in the collection. In this paper, we propose a framework in which this problem is explicitly addressed to improve the reliability of QBE-based image retrieval. We aim at the use scenario involving the user capturing the query object by his/her mobile device and requesting information augmenting the query from the database. Reliability improvement is achieved by allowing the user to submit not a single image but a short video clip as a query. Since a video clip may combine object or scene appearances captured from different viewpoints and under different conditions, the rich information contained therein can be exploited to discover the proper query representation and to improve the relevance of the retrieved results. The experimental results show that video-based image retrieval (VBIR) is significantly more reliable than the retrieval using a single image as query. Furthermore, to make the proposed framework deployable in a practical mobile image retrieval system, where realtime query response is required, we also propose the priority queue-based feature description scheme and cache-based bi-quantization algorithm for an efficient parallel implementation of the VBIR concept.