, Volume 2, Issue 3, pp 196-197
Date: 24 Apr 2013

In reply: response to Al-Kassimi and Alhamad

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I read with great pleasure the comments from Professor Feisal A. Al-Kassimi and Dr Esam H. Alhamad, and am willing to respond to them.

Although chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has no specific symptoms and signs, COPD is a clinical diagnosis in that it requires the presence of symptoms and/or exposure to risk factors, with persistent airflow limitation [1]. It is now widely recognized that COPD is not a single disease but a syndrome, encompassing a heterogeneous group of conditions that share the defining characteristic of chronic airflow limitation [2]. A variety of terms have been used to describe specific subgroups or phenotypes of COPD, and there is still no consensus on the number and definition of different COPD phenotypes. We therefore classified potential COPD phenotypes on the basis of clinical, physiological, and radiological characteristics [3]. We then reviewed their association with clinically meaningful outcomes.

We used the term “overlap syndrome” to indicate a ...

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