Human Cell

, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp 105–113

Assessment of genetic markers and glioblastoma stem-like cells in activation of dendritic cells


  • Aysel Yurtsever
    • Cancer Research CenterEge University
  • Ayfer Haydaroglu
    • Cancer Research CenterEge University
    • Department of Medical BiologyEge University Medical Faculty
  • Cumhur Gunduz
    • Department of Medical BiologyEge University Medical Faculty
  • Nezih Oktar
    • Neurosurgery DepartmentEge University Medical Faculty
  • Tayfun Dalbasti
    • Neurosurgery DepartmentEge University Medical Faculty
  • Hasan Onur Caglar
    • Department of Stem CellEU Health Science Institute
  • Rukset Attar
    • Department of Obstetrics and GynecologyYeditepe University Hospital
  • Gul Kitapcioglu
    • Cancer Research CenterEge University
    • Biostatistics and Medical Informatics DepartmentEge University Medical Faculty
Research Article

DOI: 10.1007/s13577-013-0065-8

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Yurtsever, A., Haydaroglu, A., Biray Avci, C. et al. Human Cell (2013) 26: 105. doi:10.1007/s13577-013-0065-8


Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common and aggressive intraparenchymal primary brain tumor in adults. The principal reasons for the poor outcomes of GBM are the high rates of recurrence and resistance to chemotherapy. The aim of this study was to determine the role of tailored cellular therapy for GBM with a poor prognosis and compare the activity of dendritic cells (DCs) that have encountered GBM cells. Detecting the correlations between methylation and expression of MGMT and PTEN genes and GBM cancer stem cells (CSCs) markers after co-cultures with a mononuclear cell cocktail are also aims for this study. Allogenic umbilical cord blood (UCB)-derived DCs were labeled with the CD11a and CD123 for immature DCs, and CD80 and CD11c for mature DCs. CD34, CD45, and CD56 cells were isolated from allogenic UCB for using in DCs maturation. GBM CSCs were detected with CD133/1 and CD111 antibodies after co-culture studies. DC activation was carried out via GBM cells including CD133 and CD111 cells and a mononuclear cells cocktail including CD34, CD45, and CD56 natural killer cells. Real-time PCR was performed to detect the expression and promoter methylation status of PTEN and MGMT genes. The expression of CSCs markers was found in all GBM cases, and a statistically significant correlation was found among them after co-culture studies. The most pronounced affinity of DCs to GBM cells was observed at dilutions between 1/4 and 1/256 in co-cultures. There was a statistically significant correlation between cellularity and granularity ratios for CD123 and CD11c. PTEN and MGMT gene expression and methylation values were evaluated with respect to CSCs expression and no statistical significance was found. Activation of DCs might associate with CSCs and the mononuclear cells cocktail including CD34, CD45, and CD56 cells which were obtained from allogenic UCB.


Glioblastoma Cancer stem-like cells Dendritic cells PTEN MGMT

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