Date: 27 Sep 2013

Current practices of prevention, detection & management of gestational diabetes mellitus in Punjab

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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is common in India with inherent challenges for prevention, detection and management. There is little data on methods adopted by consultants for prevention, detection and management of GDM in India. So studied the current practice of prevention, detection and management of GDM by physicians and obstetricians in Punjab. Consultants both obstetricians and physicians answered a structured questionnaire. 77.6 % of consultants rely on FBG for screening and diagnosis of GDM, 3.8 % rely on OGTT. 29.9 % screened all the pregnant females for GDM, 88.8 % screened pregnant females for GDM at their 1st visit, 73.9 % did risk assessment in all the pregnant females, 20.9 % screened high risk pregnant females with OGTT, Glycosylated Hemoglobin was recommended by only 10.4 % consultants, 79.2 % consultants favored insulin, 62.7 % consultants educated GDM patients for regular follow up. Implementation of recommendations and guidelines for prevention, detection, diagnosis and management of GDM is suboptimal in Punjab. There is need to sensitize and educate consultant.