, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 423-428
Date: 15 Aug 2012

Nanoscale dry etching of germanium by using inductively coupled CF4 plasma

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The nanoscale dry etching of germanium was investigated by using inductively coupled CF4 plasma and electron-beam lithography. The optimal dose of PMMA as E-beam lithography resist was ∼200 mC/cm2. When ICP Power was 200W, CF4 gas flow rate was 40 sccm, and process pressure was 20 mTorr, it had a smooth surface and good etch rate. The etching selectivity of Ge wafer to PMMA resist was as low as ∼1.5. Various sub-100 nm dry-etching patterns have been obtained. SEM pictures showed good profile qualities with a smooth etching sidewall and ultrasmall etching features.