Date: 19 Feb 2014

2013 ASMS Fall Workshop: Imaging Mass Spectrometry

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The 2013 ASMS Fall Workshop was held November 7–8 at the Hilton Doubletree in Chicago, IL and was organized and chaired by Michelle L. Reyzer, from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee and Demian R. Ifa, from York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This year, the topic focused on imaging mass spectrometry. The workshop was designed to give attendees a view of how imaging is currently performed, what its capabilities are, where challenges remain, and how imaging is evolving, with a focus on the most common imaging platforms. Talks were given in four general areas: (1) SIMS imaging, (2) MALDI imaging of small molecules, (3) MALDI imaging of peptides and proteins, and (4) ambient ionization imaging. There were 79 attendees representing academia (~50 %), industry (~40 %), and government (~10 %), working primarily in analytical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and instrumentation fields.

The Workshop began with a short overview of imaging mass spectrometry given by Michelle Reyzer ...