Date: 05 Feb 2013

2012 ASMS Fall Workshop: Mass Spectrometry-Based Phosphorylation Analysis and Phosphoproteomics

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The 2012 ASMS Fall Workshop was held on November 8–9 at the Hyatt Harborside Hotel in Boston, MA. This year, the topic focused on mass spectrometry-based phosphorylation analysis and phosphoproteomics. The workshop was organized and chaired by Professors W. Andy Tao, from Purdue University and Joshua Coon, from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and brought together scientists from around the world; there were 10 experts in the field who gave keynote lectures, and ~150 scientists from all aspects of the field (university faculty, graduate students, post-docs, industry researchers, etc.), who attended as interested participants. The workshop covered basic instrumentation and strategies for targeted and global protein phosphorylation analysis. The speakers often used real biological applications to demonstrate the four major topics addressed: (1) sample preparation; (2) data acquisition, identification, and quantitation; (3) software tools for phosphoproteomics, and (4) analyses of signali ...