, Volume 130, Issue 2, pp 259-275
Date: 20 Apr 2011

A new ornithocheirid, Barbosania gracilirostris gen. et sp. nov. (Pterosauria, Pterodactyloidea) from the Santana Formation (Cretaceous) of NE Brazil

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An almost complete, ornithocheirid pterosaur from the Romulado Member of the Santana Formation, NE Brazil is described. The specimen lacks a rostral and dentary median sagittal crest and is sufficiently distinct from other crestless taxa to warrant the erection of a new genus and species, Barbosania gracilirostris gen. et sp. nov. It confirms the absence of a crest as a genuine condition rather than a consequence of ontogenetic immaturity and indicates a shift from the previously observed pattern of suture closure in pterodactyloid pterosaurs, where partial fusion of the extensor tendon process has occurred at a relatively small size. Several specimens showing morphology similar to Brasileodactylus may instead be more closely allied to B. gracilirostris.