Swiss Journal of Palaeontology

, Volume 130, Issue 2, pp 203–216

A new genus and species of surgeon fish (Perciformes, Acanthuridae) from the Oligocene of Kanton Glarus, Switzerland


DOI: 10.1007/s13358-011-0016-5

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Tyler, J.C. & Micklich, N.R. Swiss J Palaeontol (2011) 130: 203. doi:10.1007/s13358-011-0016-5


The new genus and species of surgeon fish, Glarithurus friedmani (Acanthuridae), from the Lower Oligocene (Rupelian) of Kanton Glarus, Switzerland, differs from all other acanthurid fishes, fossil and extant, by having a single anal-fin basal pterygiophore situated in the first interhaemal space, versus two or more such pterygiophores in all other taxa. The new taxon is based upon a 29-mm SL acronurus stage specimen that probably had already settled onto a benthic substrate from its pelagic larval stage and begun its transformation into a juvenile. It has a scalpel-like dermal spine on the caudal peduncle and a crest on the hyomandibular, which are derived characters that establish it as a member of the clade of higher acanthurins. Within that clade, it is unique because of the great depth of its basipterygium at the subpelvic keel.


AcanthuridaeGlarithurus friedmaniScalpel scaleAcronurusOligoceneKanton Glarus

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