Drug Delivery and Translational Research

, Volume 2, Issue 3, pp 145–151

Delivering drugs to the central nervous system: an overview

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DOI: 10.1007/s13346-012-0068-0

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Dickson, P.I. Drug Deliv. and Transl. Res. (2012) 2: 145. doi:10.1007/s13346-012-0068-0


Developing therapies for the brain is perhaps the greatest challenge facing modern medicine today. While a great many potential therapies show promise in animal models, precious few make it to approval or are even studied in human patients. The particular challenges to the translation of neurotherapeutics to the clinic are many, but a major barrier is difficulty in delivering therapeutics into the brain. The goal of this workshop was to present ways to deliver therapeutics to the brain, including the limitations of each method, and describe ways to track their delivery, safety, and efficacy. Solving the problem of delivery will aid translation of therapeutics for patients suffering from neurodegeneration and other disorders of the brain.


Drug deliveryBrainCentral nervous systemLysosomal storage diseaseNeurodegenerationBlood–brain barrier

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