, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp 15-30
Date: 02 Apr 2011

Undrained bearing capacity of spudcan under combined loading

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The bearing capacities of spudcan foundation under pure vertical (V), horizontal (H), moment (M) loading and the combined loading are studied based on a series of three-dimensional finite element analysis. The effects of embedment ratio and soil non-homogeneity on the bearing capacity are investigated in detail. The capacities of spudcan under different pure loading are expressed in non-dimensional bearing capacity factors, which are compared with published results. Ultimate limit states under combined loading are presented by failure envelopes, which are expressed in terms of dimensionless and normalized form in three-dimensional load space. The comparison between the presented failure envelopes and available published numerical results reveals that the size and shape of failure envelopes are dependent on the embedment ratio and the non-homogeneity of the soil.