, Volume 47, Issue 12, pp 1059-1061
Date: 15 Mar 2010

Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome: A case series

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A retrospective analysis of the clinical profile, endoscopic features and management of 22 children (age 18 months–18 years) diagnosed as solitary rectal ulcer syndrome is presented. The majority (81.8%) were ≥8 years of age. Rectal bleeding was the presenting feature in all the children. Mucorrhea, constipation, tenesmus and rectal prolapse were observed in 77.3%, 63.6%, 59% and 13.6% children, respectively. Colonoscopy showed classical single rectal ulcer in 68.2% and multiple ulcers in 22.7%. Polypoidal and erosive lesions were documented in 4.5% each. The medical management comprised of bowel training and high fibre diet for all children. The other modalities included oral 5-amino salicylate (59%), sucralfate enema (4.5%) and rectal mesalamine in 9%. 64% children recovered and 13.6 % had recurrence of symptoms.