, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 255-259
Date: 19 Sep 2010

Effects of Scutellaria barbata on cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity in mice

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Scutellaria barbata (S. barbata) is a perennial herb that is used to treat types of cancer, inflammation and urinary disease throughout Asia. Cisplatin is known as one of the most active cytotoxic anti-cancer drug. However, the nephrotoxicity which is the side-effect of cisplatin limits the use of it. In the present research, we examine whether S. barbata has protective effects on cisplatin induced acute renal failure in mice. S. barbata was administrated by oral once a day for three days (300 mg/kg body wt). After three days, all groups of mice received a single dose of cisplatin at 25 mg/kg (body wt) intra peritoneally. S. barbata pretreatment ameliorated renal dysfunction at 72 h after cisplatin injection. Compared to the control group, S. barbata pretreated group had significantly reduced the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and less tubular injury. These results confirm that S. barbata is a potent herbal medicine that reduces cisplatin nephrotoxicity and prevents the renal toxic effects of cisplatin.