The Nucleus

, Volume 56, Issue 3, pp 191–195

Distribution and cytology of Quercus baloot Griff.; an endemic tree species of North-West Himalayas


  • Eshan Sharma
    • Department of BotanyUniversity of Jammu
  • Upvan Bushan
    • Department of BotanyUniversity of Jammu
  • Geeta Sharma
    • Department of BotanyUniversity of Jammu
    • Department of BotanyUniversity of Jammu
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DOI: 10.1007/s13237-013-0097-1

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Sharma, E., Bushan, U., Sharma, G. et al. Nucleus (2013) 56: 191. doi:10.1007/s13237-013-0097-1


Quercus baloot Griff. (Fagaceae) an important tree species, found in Jammu region of J & K State, India was studied for distribution and cytology. In this region, the wild stands of this species have been located at Thatri, Shalimar, Dool, Bhandarkot and Kishtwar High Altitude National Park (KHANP) areas of Kishtwar district and Sindra, Balessa, Prano, Bhalla, Chinta, Nalthi and Jai in Bhaderwah area of Doda district. Karyotypic analysis on the species collected from Sindra revealed the presence of 2n = 24 very small sized chromosomes. Of these, 2 were median and 22 were submedian. Meiosis in pollen mother cells of the species at diakinesis revealed the presence of multivalents plus bivalents in 25 % cells and 12 bivalents in 75 % cells. At metaphase-I, 12 bivalents were present. Segregation was regular at anaphase-I and pollen stainability as determined by using 1 % acetocarmine and 2, 3, 5, triphenyl tetrazolium chloride was found to be 81.5 % and 45.92 % respectively.


BivalentsKaryotype analysisMultivalentQuercus baloot

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