, Volume 58, Issue 1, pp 227-243
Date: 07 Nov 2012

Phylogeny of Entoloma s.l. subgenus Pouzarella, with descriptions of five new species from China

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Taxonomy and phylogeny of Entoloma s.l. subgenus Pouzarella in China are carried out based on morphological characters and molecular data. Seven species in subg. Pouzarella are recognized in China and a key to these species is provided. Five species, Entoloma changchunense, E. crassicystidiatum, E. furfuraceum, E. subaraneosum and E. tenuissimum, are described as new; a new Chinese record E. dysthaloides is also presented in this paper. Among them, E. crassicystidiatum was discovered from southern China, and the others were found in northeastern China. Molecular phylogeny of subg. Pouzarella were conducted based on nLSU, mtSSU and RPB2, and the phylogenetic positions of the five new species are discussed. The placement of subg. Pouzarella in Entoloma s.l. clade is well resolved in all analyses presented here, and the monophyly of subg. Pouzarella is strongly supported by the morphological and molecular phylogeny. The infrageneric classifications in this group were not well recovered in the present study; and further studies based on more samples and gene loci are needed to a better understanding of the infrageneric taxa in subg. Pouzarella in the future.