, Volume 51, Issue 12, pp 3594-3608
Date: 15 Nov 2012

Drying characteristics and quality of shiitake mushroom undergoing microwave-vacuum drying and microwave-vacuum combined with infrared drying

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Shiitake mushrooms were dehydrated by two different drying methods, i.e., microwave-vacuum drying (MVD) and microwave-vacuum combined with infrared drying (MVD + IR). MVD was operated at microwave powers of 56, 143, 209 and 267 W under absolute pressures of 18.66, 29.32, 39.99 and 50.65 kPa, whereas infrared radiation was added in MVD + IR at 100 and 200 W. The effects of microwave power, absolute pressure and infrared power on drying characteristics, qualities and specific energy consumption were investigated. It was found that drying rate increased with lower absolute pressure, higher microwave power and higher infrared power. In particular, the results also indicated that drying undergoing MVD + IR could provide better qualities in terms of color of dried shiitake mushroom, rehydration ratio and texture of rehydrated ones. Furthermore, the drying characteristics were described by fitting data to six different drying models. Based on their coefficient of determination, root mean square error, residual of sum square and chi-square, Modified Page model could accurately predict moisture ratio for all drying conditions. Within the range of this study, the suitable drying condition with respect to the product qualities and energy consumption was MVD + IR drying at 267 W of microwave power, 18.66 kPa of absolute pressure and 200 W of infrared power.