, Volume 50, Issue 3, pp 415-428
Date: 19 Jul 2012

Nutrigenomics research: a review

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The excitement about nutrigenomics comes from a growing awareness of the potential for modifications of food or diet to support health and reduce the risk of diet-related diseases. It is an emerging field that tends to unfold the role of nutrition on gene expression which brings together the science of bioinformatics, nutrition, molecular biology, genomics, epidemiology, and molecular medicine. The present review focuses on nutrigenomics research and to find out India’s status with respect to other countries. It covers the general overview of nutrigenomics, its associated diseases, and the role of SNP in gene alteration, diet supplementation and public awareness. It is understood that with the increasing changes in the food habits and life styles, people are becoming more prone to diet related disorders. Therefore there is an urgent need to boost more research in this field to help people in understanding the relationship between diet and health, and to ensure that everyone benefits from the genomic revolution.