, Volume 47, Issue 5, pp 541-548
Date: 15 Oct 2010

Effect of open air drying, LPG based drier and pretreatments on the quality of Indian gooseberry (aonla)

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The aonla fruits (whole fruit, pricking, splits, segments) were subjected to pretreatments like blanching, osmotic dehydration with salt (2%) and sugar (40%) in different experiments before drying to obtain a product with better keeping quality. An LPG based drier (CRIDA drier) with capacity to dry 50 kg of fresh Indian gooseberry (aonla) was used. Nutritional quality and rehydration characteristics of CRIDA drier dried products were higher and free from contamination. Drying time was shortest for blanched and osmotically dehydrated segments dried in CRIDA drier and the product had better vitamin C retention, rehydration characteristics and sensory acceptability compared to sun or cabinet drier dried product. The additional expenditure spent on gas in CRIDA drier is compensated by reduced labour cost and higher price for the better quality product. Alternate energy sources like biogas and biomass can be used as fuel in the CRIDA drier.