Journal of Cancer Education

, Volume 27, Supplement 1, pp 4-8

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Network for Cancer Control Research in American Indians and Alaska Natives: a Historical Perspective

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In the past, cancer incidence and mortality for American Indian/Alaska Native populations have been suppressed in some publications based on small numbers and racial misclassification. Regional differences in cancer incidence and mortality in Native Americans have been observed as early as 1984. The cancer incidence, mortality, and survival data for American Indian/Alaska Native population have been better documented. Good stable models for the state tumor registries for cancer surveillance exist in the New Mexico and Alaska tumor registries. The Network for Cancer Control Research in American Indian/Alaska Natives was supported by the Special Populations branch of the National Cancer Institute. The Network formulated a plan for reducing cancer incidence and mortality in Native Americans and also to improve their survival. This Strategic Plan which proposed to educate federal agencies and state agencies about the increased incidence and mortality of cancer in American Indian/Alaska Natives also informed the Native American population of the specific risks of cancer in their communities. The Strategic Plan was published and implemented by the Network, and its goals have been continued by the Spirit of Eagles.


Native Americans Heterogeneity Regional differences Cancer Network Strategic Plan Increase awareness