, Volume 25, Issue 2, pp 242-246,
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Date: 30 Mar 2010

Filming the Family: A Documentary Film to Educate Clinicians about Family Caregivers of Patients with Brain Tumors


The objective of this paper is to evaluate the educational value of a documentary film about family caregiving for patients with brain tumors. The method used in this study is a pre–post survey among neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologist, and other clinician viewers. Viewers evaluated the film highly and reported an intention to change their practice as a result of watching the film. Following viewing, participants felt more strongly that “all families of patients with brain cancers should meet with a social worker” (P = 0.01) and that “family caregivers greatly impact the health of patients” (P = 0.002), and they were less likely to believe that “supporting family caregivers is primarily someone else's job” (P = 0.009). A documentary film about family caregiving is an effective educational tool to increase awareness among neurosurgery/neuro-oncology clinicians about the importance and needs of family caregivers of patients with brain tumors.

Sources of Funding

The Caregivers Project is supported by funds from the Langeloth Foundation, the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, and the Mental Insight Foundation.