, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 327-330
Date: 18 Oct 2012

My Story: How one Percocet Prescription Triggered my Addiction

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It all started with a Percocet prescription 4 years ago. One night, while working as a nurse in one of the busiest emergency departments in Philadelphia, I was exposed to meningitis. Coincidentally, I became very ill a couple of days later with persistent high fevers. Finally deciding to seek medical attention, I underwent a lumbar puncture, which fortunately came back negative. However, the following morning, I awoke with an indescribable positional headache that prevented me from functioning in any capacity. Returning to the emergency department, I was diagnosed with a spinal headache as a result of my lumbar puncture. I was discharged home with a prescription for Percocet, instructed to take caffeine, and told that it should resolve in a few days. While the Percocet did not relieve the positional headache, they made it easier to deal with because of the feeling they gave me.

After taking Percocet every 4 h around the clock and being incapacitated for 2 weeks without resolution of the ...

Due to the sensitive subject matter the author of this editorial is anonymous.