, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp 107-117,
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Date: 08 Feb 2011

Stem cells therapy for cardiovascular repair in ischemic heart disease: How to predict and secure optimal outcome?


Coronary artery disease is a growing problem worldwide. Early treatment with stabilizing drugs and revascularization by percutaneous coronary intervention or by-pass surgery has reduced the mortality significantly, but it is still the most common cause of death and a major cause of hospital admissions in industrialized countries. Treatment with stem cells with the potential to regenerate the damaged myocardium is a relatively new approach. However, the results from clinical studies on stem cell therapy for cardiac regeneration in patients with acute or chronic ischemic heart disease have been inconsistent. Some of the discrepancy could be due differences in study designs or patient selection. The review will based on conducted clinical stem cell trials try to elucidate how to predict and personalize this new treatment approach.