, Volume 2, Issue 4, pp 373-375
Date: 09 Oct 2012

News from NIH: resources for team-based research to more effectively address complex public health problems

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A perennial goal of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is “to foster fundamental creative discoveries, innovative research strategies and their applications as a basis for ultimately protecting and improving health” [1]. In response to this goal, an increasing number of initiatives have emerged to promote cross-disciplinary team-based research. Cross-disciplinary research approaches aim to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines and perspectives to generate innovative solutions to real-world problems. Scholars have identified three main types of cross-disciplinary research approaches, multidisciplinary (MD), interdisciplinary (ID), and transdisciplinary (TD), each of which is characterized by an increasing level of disciplinary integration [2]. As research initiatives move along this continuum toward greater integration, they are increasingly likely to rely upon team-based research to develop, conceptualize, and implement research initiatives. The Science of Team Science (Sc ...

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