, Volume 83, Issue 4, pp 202-209
Date: 27 Aug 2011

Plasma B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) variation in multi-trauma patients

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To study plasma B-type natriuretic peptide BNP) variation in adult multi-trauma patients and to correlate BNP levels with the class of haemorrhagic shock and the amount of fluids received during resuscitation.


Multi-trauma patients (class II–III haemorrhagic shock) without brain injury were included and their plasma BNP level was measured at 24 and 72 hours.


Twenty-one adult patients with no previous heart disease were included in the study. BNP levels >500 pg/ml were not observed, 9 were < 5.0 pg/ml (undetectable), 24 within normal limits (5.0–100 pg/ ml) and 7 slightly above normal (>100 pg/ml). BNP levels were within normal range in most patients at 24 (81%) and 72 hours (86%).


Multi-trauma patients with no brain injury are able to handle the amount of volume infused at resuscitation without statistically significant elevation of BNP levels. We found no difference between BNP levels in class II and class III shock in adult multi-trauma patients.